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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FREE WORKOUT INSIDE! You know you want it...


My clock goes off every morning at 2:10am.

I'm a news reporter by morning/mid day and a fitness freak as soon as I get off work.

Meal prep, amino acids, protein shakes and protein bars are a mainstay in my duffle bag I carry with me in the live truck everyday.  Stops me from making the mad dash to "SuperSize It." Alongside my flat iron, two make up bags and some other sundries… pretty much all the junk I think I need in the 10 hours I'm at work.

I say all that to say-- When I leave work-- I make it happen.  Straight home to change clothes, right back out the door to walk the three blocks to the gym.  Around 2:30pm.  About 12 hours after the rooster crows for me, I'm in the gym, doing serious work.  Ear buds in, music cranked, mean mug on, and let's not forget the pre-workout powder that's like freakin' jet fuel in a jar!

IT'S GO TIME WHEN I GET IN THERE.  Doesn't matter how tired I am.  Doesn't matter how much my boss was on my case.  Doesn't matter if I can barely move from chasing the news all day.  I'm on it.

BUT WHY?  Because I can and excuses simply build mountains of nothingness!!!!!!

Everyday I hear people say, "I can lose weight whenever I want to."  "I just don't have any extra time in the day to go the gym."  "I get too sore when I workout."  "I have to go pick up my kids."


Oh yea?  What excuses will you give when you get sick?  Diabetes?  High Blood Pressure?  Hypertension?  Chronic Headaches?  Arthritis?  Doctors will tell you many of these can be prevented or slurred if you just did 30 minutes of physical activity a day!

So this is my mission, to get YOU moving!  And if you're already a mover and a shaker-- these workouts are a great supplement on those days you can't hit the gym!  Especially ahead of beach season ;)


Your CertifiedFitReporter--


HIIT Workout (complete 3 times a week, skipping a day in between.  Pick two off days to do sit up/push up ladder.  10 push ups, 10 sit ups.  9 push ups, 9 sit ups. etc.  If you have to, do push ups from knees)

WARM UP: 5 minute brisk walk/jog

WORKOUT: 50 Jump rope revolutions
40 walking lunges
30 Jumping jacks
20 squat jumps (in place)
10 push ups

rest 2 minutes

repeat 3 times as fast as possible, record time